Previous Projects

The Foundation has decades of experience of working with EU Projects, both as Promoter and Partner.

Details of a few of Lifelong Learning Programmes can be found at

------- SMEs & eLearning (SMEELEARN)

------- SME Leaders and Sustainability: Deliberative Engagement (SME-DE)

------- Autism in Higher Education: Widening Access (AUTHEW)

------- ECOPSI (European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation Programme)

------- CarEIn - Emotionally Intelligent Care in Health and Social Assistance

------- INMETT - Innovative Training Methodologies for Transport Trainers

------- eTimes - Training the Intermediate Management in European Social Institutions

------- ITEM - IT English Multimedia Course

------- ECO Training

------- Learning to Solve

------- EuTraNex - (European Training Network of Excellence)

------- ASILESP (Training Programme for people with Autism)




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