Major Team Players

Dr Paul Quantock has been assisting all types of organisations throughout the world to secure European Union funding for 40 years. This has included identification; negotiation and submission of grant aid applications; assistance in lobbying and “contact building” with European Commission officials; the preparation of “European Strategic Review Reports”; and general help and advice on EU matters that affect a particular organisation. He holds a number of Directorships with various organisations and is UK based. He is currently working on training and advisory projects in India, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and the Caribbean. He also works as a Senior Consultant for a number of Management Consultancies based in the UK, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and France.

He has been recognized by the Governor and Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA for his International work and was awarded their highest honour, that of Kentucky Colonel. He has also been appointed by the European Commission as one of their European Project Evaluation Experts in the field of vocational training.

He is the Chairman of The Foundation for European Initiatives.




Marco is the founder and managing director of Euro Freelancers, a collaborative network of independent EU affairs professionals and investors based in Brussels. Marco is an independent consultant and EU legal advisor specialised in funding for environmental technologies (waste, water, soil, air), energy efficiency (buildings, transport) and renewables (electricity generation). His expertise lays in impact assessments, international funding for innovations and in providing advice on technical and financial implementation of EU legislation. Marco has over 12 years international experience in trans-national project management, training and awareness raising campaigns and policy advising. Marco is an external evaluator for the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Funding Program (CIP) and has experience in both EU public grants/tenders and private equity investments.





Professor Ralph Tench is a former journalist and communications consultant.  He was head of the UK’s largest Public Relations and Communications academic department for 10 years at Leeds Business School until 2008.  Professor Tench is a visiting professor at the University of Salzburg as well as current and past external examiner for more than 10 UK and European universities examining undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.  He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and his research interests are in corporate communications, ethics, social responsibility and education.  He is a member of the European Communication Monitor research team ( and has led pan European research for the ECOPSI (European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation programme, ( the largest EU funded public relations research programme.   Professor Tench also manages research projects into communication strategies to tackle childhood obesity as well as communication dimensions of organisation’s social and responsibility agendas. His work has been disseminated worldwide and translated in books and journals.  He is a regular conference and keynote speaker at academic and practitioner conferences.  During the last 12 months this has included keynotes and speaking at communication conferences in Istanbul, Chicago, Athens, Zagreb and Oslo.  As a communication practitioner and academic he has developed significant expertise in developing clear strategies for maximising the profile and awareness of both business campaigns and academic research projects to key target audiences.




Karen is an independent European affairs consultant who has been providing strategic advice and support to associations and companies in a variety of sectors. She has over 10 years experience in advisory services and advocacy projects particularly in the internal market, health, food, consumer affairs and financial services sectors. Throughout her career, Karen managed media relations campaigns and specialized in viral communication techniques. She also gained vast expertise in EU funds management and accomplished several successful funding applications.



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