The Foundation has developed a new "ERASMUS+ Support Service" that can assist you to prepare and implement your ERASMUS+ projects. With over 40 years of experience of running and managing EU Projects our team of highly specialised experts, can assist your organisation to develop, manage and implement the required Work Packages for the new ERASMUS+ Programme.

Erasmus+ begins on 1 January 2014 and will replace current funding programmes run by the European Commission in the area of education, training, youth and sport. This includes the Lifelong Learning Programme, Youth in Action and other international programmes including Jean Monnet and Erasmus Mundus.

The Erasmus+ programme is intended to support activities in education, training, youth and sport in all sectors of lifelong learning including Higher Education, Further Education, adult education, schools, and youth activities.

A new structure has been proposed for the Erasmus+ programme to reflect a need for greater simplification and streamlining. By bringing together a range of different programmes and initiatives the European Commission hopes to make their funding programme more efficient and more accessible.

Erasmus+ will be an integrated programme which means that it will be based around Actions. Some activities funded under the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action Programmes will disappear; others will be translated into the new Erasmus+ structure.

------- Funding will be simplified and mostly based on unit costs and lump sum amounts, with ‘light touch’ rules for smaller grants.

------- Applications will be organisation-based, so individuals will no longer be able to apply for grants. Specific allowances will be made for the youth sector to enable informal groups of young people to apply.

------- All organisations will need to be registered on the European Commission’s online registration facility before applications can be started.

------- All Higher Education Institutions must hold a valid Erasmus University Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) to participate in HE activities in the new programme.

------- All the projects offered by the Erasmus+ programme will be grouped together under over-arching Actions. Each Action represents a different type of project aligned to a particular area of focus.

Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Key Action 2: Co-operation for Innovation and Good Practices
Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform
Jean Monnet Activities

Please Note: Our services will concentrate on activities under Key Action 2 and 3.


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